Underground Construction

Fewer outages and lower maintenance costs

Underground construction can seem prohibitively expensive during the initial phase of construction, but, in the long term, fewer outages and lower maintenance costs can make choosing this option a sound financial decision. Underground installations are safe from weather and most animals, with the greatest threat of unplanned outages coming from construction equipment digging through the installation at a later date.

Experts in Drilling

At Flock Enterprises, we are experts with directional drilling, which is used to place cable in areas where the surface is to be preserved due to erosion or aesthetics or where existing utilities create congestion. We also have plenty of experience laying cable using trenching equipment. Varying and unexpected conditions can lead to costly project slows while waiting for needed equipment to be found. That’s why Flock Enterprises is fully equipped and project ready.

We’re dedicated to bringing projects to completion on time. That’s why we keep our own equipment, maintained and ready, and have the trained staff to handle all aspects of the construction. We don’t rely on leased equipment and subcontractors who may be delayed on another project. We run our own resources to lay cable in trenches or using directional boring. We even own a specialty air hammer to get through the toughest bedrock and keep your underground construction project on target.

The Flock Enterprises Difference

When you work with Flock Enterprises, you aren’t working with other companies that we hire, you’re working directly with our employees and our equipment. We set the safety standards, we control the scheduling, and we meet your timeline. Our reputation for meeting timelines safely and within budget is in our hands, and we intend to keep it that way.

Working with Flock Enterprises

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