Subscriber Drop Placement

Your customers are our customers, too.

Communication is key — customer service and customer satisfaction are our top priorities

Subscriber drop placement brings the end user into the project. This requires a sensitivity to the individuals’ needs, be it preserving elaborate landscaping, protecting a built in sprinkler system, or even scheduling around a neighborhood party. Our employees are trained to communicate with the residents at a job site and find out what the individual client needs and expects from the drop before digging begins.

Sensitive & Respectful

We know that when our employees show up at a home or business, they are representing us — and the telecommunications provider. We educate them to show respect for the individuals and their needs, and to work to accommodate those needs. Should a lawn sprinkler system be inadvertently damaged, for example, we will take care of it. We want the end users to be satisfied with both the work and the way that it was done.

We strive to handle situations before they happen.

What Makes Flock Enterprises Different

Flock Enterprise has invested in the equipment needed to complete your project. As a result, we control the equipment, and we don’t have to wait for a machine to become available to us. That saves you time and money. It helped us to earn our reputation for meeting timelines. We don’t subcontract, we use our own equipment and our own personnel.

  • We Meet Your Timeline

    In construction, time is money. Meeting your timeline, safely and with high-quality results, is your priority. Because it’s your priority, it’s ours, too. We’ve built a reputation for meeting timelines, and we intend to keep it.

  • We Don't Use Subcontractors

    We have a reputation for meeting timelines, and we’re proud of that reputation. To keep it, we use our own employees for all aspects of the project. Instead of relying on subcontractors who may run behind schedule because of other jobs, we retain full control of the project — and the timeline.

  • We Own Our Equipment

    Leasing specialized equipment can cause a bottleneck. We avoid that bottleneck on our projects by owning the equipment we need. We’ve even invested in an air hammer to get through the toughest rock Mother Nature offers. So we’re fully prepared to handle your project, safely and on time.

Let us handle your Subscriber Drop Placement

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