Keep Network Performance High

Flock Enterprises knows the importance of splicing correctly

Our trained employees use our state-of-the-art equipment to ensure our spliced seams have the least loss and back reflection possible, allowing your installation peak network performance. You want your project done on time, and you want it done right, with maximum speed and reliability.

Experienced & Reliable

Our experienced employees can test, repair and maintain existing installations, both fiber and coax, as well as build new ones from planning to completion. With one of our recent projects involving over 400 miles of cable, we are experienced in making sure your construction provides you the quality you need.

How We Do Business: The Flock Enterprises Difference

At Flock Enterprises, we pride ourselves in doing a job right the first time, meeting timelines and staying within your budget. We use our people and our equipment, so we are in control of the timeline. We don’t depend on others to do our work for your project or provide the equipment needed. That’s how we made our reputation, and how we keep it.

  • We Meet Your Timeline

    In construction, time is money. Meeting your timeline, safely and with high-quality results, is your priority. Because it’s your priority, it’s ours, too. We’ve built a reputation for meeting timelines, and we intend to keep it.

  • We Don't Use Subcontractors

    We have a reputation for meeting timelines, and we’re proud of that reputation. To keep it, we use our own employees for all aspects of the project. Instead of relying on subcontractors who may run behind schedule because of other jobs, we retain full control of the project — and the timeline.

  • We Own Our Equipment

    Leasing specialized equipment can cause a bottleneck. We avoid that bottleneck on our projects by owning the equipment we need. We’ve even invested in an air hammer to get through the toughest rock Mother Nature offers. So we’re fully prepared to handle your project, safely and on time.

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