Flock Enterprises Works on a Wide Range of Projects

From fiber-optic cable underground, to stringing miles of aerial cabling, to running cable to individual residences or anything in between.

At Flock Enterprises, we work with projects of all types. We build underground systems to serve large business complexes or high-density residential communities of residences as well as aerial construction covering miles to bring telecommunication services to the most rural of locations.

Working with our own equipment and employees, we control the distribution of resources to our project.  We manage these resources to bring your project, whether it serves an urban office skyscraper or a remote ranch, to completion on time and within budget.

Telecommunications Service for Businesses and Residences

We bring telecommunications service to the business or residence, wherever it is and by whatever means necessary. We build aerial and underground infrastructure. We have trained employees and modern equipment to handle all aspects of aerial construction, including pole placement and reliability planning, as well as underground construction such as trenching, directional boring, and attacking stubborn rock with our state-of-the-art air hammer.

Why Work with Flock Enterprises

When you work with Flock Enterprises, you aren’t working with other companies that we hire, you’re working directly with our employees and our equipment. We set the safety standards, we control the scheduling, and we meet your timeline. Our reputation for meeting timelines safely and within budget is in our hands, and we intend to keep it that way.

  • We Meet Your Timeline

    In construction, time is money. Meeting your timeline, safely and with high-quality results, is your priority. Because it’s your priority, it’s ours, too. We’ve built a reputation for meeting timelines, and we intend to keep it.

  • We Don't Use Subcontractors

    We have a reputation for meeting timelines, and we’re proud of that reputation. To keep it, we use our own employees for all aspects of the project. Instead of relying on subcontractors who may run behind schedule because of other jobs, we retain full control of the project — and the timeline.

  • We Own Our Equipment

    Leasing specialized equipment can cause a bottleneck. We avoid that bottleneck on our projects by owning the equipment we need. We’ve even invested in an air hammer to get through the toughest rock Mother Nature offers. So we’re fully prepared to handle your project, safely and on time.

Working with Flock Enterprises

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