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Aerial Construction

We can take you from the planning phase, to placing poles, to the final step of hooking up to an individual residence or business.

Although underground construction for telecommunications infrastructure — in fact, for all utilities — is usually preferred, the cost and time involved can be prohibitive. An aerial build is faster and, at least in the short term, usually more cost effective. We’re very experienced with aerial construction. One of our recent projects involved over 400 miles of cable, including both aerial and underground. That’s a lot of poles and splicing.

We can hang cable to complete a project fast and work with you to plan a future upgrade to underground cable in conjunction with other underground work to be done later. We can help you to get a reliable system in place, and can help you to maintain that system.

The Flock Enterprises Way

The major concern with an aerial build is outages and maintenance. Weather can damage these installations and some animals like to chew on fiber cables, so there are many opportunities for outages in aerial installations. To minimize service interruptions, a redundant or diverse path can be designed coming from different sides into the building or ring, so that if one path is damaged the other could still be operational and service will continue.

We offer solutions such as these to optimize the reliability of the system and give our clients the telecommunications solutions they need. We can take you from the planning phase, to placing poles, to the final step of hooking up to an individual residence or business.

We Get The Job Done Right

If you want your telecommunications construction project done right and completed on time, within budget and safely, contact Flock Enterprises. Flock Enterprises is becoming certified as a Minority Owned Business as well as a Women’s Business Enterprise, offering the potential for tax breaks and incentives.

  • We Meet Your Timeline

    In construction, time is money. Meeting your timeline, safely and with high-quality results, is your priority. Because it’s your priority, it’s ours, too. We’ve built a reputation for meeting timelines, and we intend to keep it.

  • We Don't Use Subcontractors

    We have a reputation for meeting timelines, and we’re proud of that reputation. To keep it, we use our own employees for all aspects of the project. Instead of relying on subcontractors who may run behind schedule because of other jobs, we retain full control of the project — and the timeline.

  • We Own Our Equipment

    Leasing specialized equipment can cause a bottleneck. We avoid that by owning the equipment we need. We’ve even invested in an air hammer to get through the toughest rock Mother Nature offers. So we’re fully prepared to handle your project from start to finish.

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