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Your telecommunications construction project will be done right, on time, safely, and within budget.

When you work with Flock Enterprises, you aren’t working with other companies that we hire, you’re working directly with our employees and our equipment. We set the safety standards, we control the scheduling, and we meet your timeline. Our reputation for meeting timelines safely and within budget is in our hands, and we intend to keep it that way.

Aerial Construction

We’re very experienced with aerial construction, which is faster and usually more cost-effective in the short term. We offer solutions to optimize the reliability of the system and can take you from the planning phase, to placing poles, to the final step of hooking up to individual residences or businesses.


Flock Enterprises knows splicing must be done right to keep network performance high. Our trained employees use our state-of-the-art equipment to ensure our spliced seams have the least loss and back reflection possible, allowing for peak network performance.

Underground Construction

Unexpected conditions can lead to costly project slows – that’s why we are fully equipped and project ready. We run our own resources to lay cable in trenches or using directional boring. We even own a specialty air hammer to get through the toughest bedrock and keep your underground construction project on target.

Subscriber Drop Placement

Our employees are trained to communicate with the residents at a job site and find out what is expected from the drop before digging begins. This requires a sensitivity to the individuals’ needs, be it preserving elaborate landscaping, protecting a built in sprinkler system, or even scheduling around a neighborhood party.


At Flock Enterprises, we work with projects of all types. We build underground systems to serve large business complexes or high-density residential communities of residences as well as aerial construction covering miles to bring telecommunication services to the most rural of locations.

With our entire fleet of equipment and technicians, we control the quality and timeliness of your project.

Find out how we can work together.